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“Biochar Is A Key Element For A Sustainable Livelihood.”


The pressure on our planet’s limited resources is rapidly increasing. Personally, I am a believer in the capacity of systematic change of human behaviour and society. In my work I engage with a new generation of corporate leaders and experts who advocate mitigation of Climate Change as a business opportunity. Alternately, if a company does not take pro-active action for implementing sustainability in its core business, it faces substantial economic risk. Profits are at risk through supply chain disruption, reputational and shareholder risk, rising insurance costs and crop yield decline.

2,500 years ago native Indians in the Amazona region once built the foundation of an entire society on a most magical and fertile soil, Terra Preta, in which Biochar is the key ingredient. Cities with millions of inhabitants were fed with no use of agricultural machinery on naturally very poor soils. Biochar allows us to give back to the soil and establish new organic and sustainable farming methods. It is a key element for a sustainable livelihood on Earth.

Use of Biochar has been identified as one of the most promising strategies to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. It is a source of renewable energy. It improves agricultural productivity, particularly in low-fertility and degraded soils where it can be transformational for marginalized farmers. It reduces the losses of nutrients, enhances growth of microorganisms, while it also improves water-retention capacity of soils.

At Circular Carbon GmbH we develop and bring solutions to the market that turn dilemma into opportunity. Most notably, Biochar is produced from waste resources that many companies currently do not utilise efficiently. Biochar holds a unique capacity to allow for positive ecosystem benefits while improving the balance sheet of businesses and municipalities that are ready for a transition towards a circular economy.

Our Vision in Circular Carbon is to seize this opportunity and support innovative pioneers in their industry or in their region to implement a Circular Economy. By utilizing waste streams, we enable these pioneers to do well by doing good for the benefit of the planet and our future generations.

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