Research & Development Fields in Circular Carbon


Find Out If Your Biomass Waste Is A Valuable Resource:

In collaboration with our Research & Development partners we facilitate tests and experiments for developing and optimising processes for capturing the most value of biomass waste resources that our clients wish to utilise. 

Our partner laboratories are available for biomass residue and equipment tests. Available equipment includes thermal reactors, catalytic refiners for bio-refinery and the synthesis of fuels, bench and laboratory scale slow and fast pyrolysis units, gasifiers, combustors and fluidised bed reformers.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us in case you would like to find out if your biomass waste can be turned into a valuable biochar resource.

Design & Development of Biochar Products


Biochar is not to be confused with charcoal. The appearance is black, but the characteristic and functionality is as diverse as any other biological product. Biochar operates at the microbial level and therefore fine-tuning and refining the product is critical for success. One of our core areas is to optimise biochar products for specific applications. This requires first and foremost the ability to design the biochar structure and functionality towards its dedicated applications. Apart from just design of biochar, we hold expertise in applying post-treatment methodologies to enhance functionality and characteristics of biochar.

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